Kandylegs Years Beatdown against Hoodman Part 4


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Kandylegs   Years Beatdown against Hoodman Part 4


Get ready to watch a Pissed off Bodybuilder named Kandylegs battle her tough opponent named Hoodman. These two have a very heated rivalry going on it started in the first fight where Hoodman told Kandylegs that she doesn’t hit hard enough to knock him out well after 3 fights and 3 knockouts Hoodman wants one more fight. This fight is different because this time whoever loses this fight will get the strap on punishment round. Kandylegs is so confident that she will win that she wears the Strap on while she is boxing him. Will Hoodman lose for the 4th time and get the Strap on punishment or will Kandylegs lose for the first time and have to get punished?

Length:11 min
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